If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, come to this scenic valley dominated by His Majesty the Matterhorn,

better known as ‘Gran Becca‘ by locals!

At the foot of this mountain lies Breuil-Cervinia, an internationally renowned resort. Its slopes, connected to those on the Swiss side of Zermatt, attract many ski enthusiasts who can ski for days on always different tracks and descend to the town centre. And do not forget that summer skiing is also possible on the Plateau Rosà glacier!

In Breuil-Cervinia you will find a large number of big hotels, pubs and restaurants, some even on the slopes, where lunch, happy-hour and dinner will have a special taste!

Further down the valley, in a beautiful area overlooking the valley floor, you will discover the historic centre of Valtournenche: it is here that some of the most famous Alpine guides were born. Among them we can cite Jean-Antoine Carrel who, in 1865, fought for the conquest of the summit of the Matterhorn with the Englishman Edward Whymper, who reached the peak first by climbing the Swiss side.

Driving down you will arrive in Antey-Saint-André, a perfect place for those who want to experience the mountain below 1,000 metres of altitude and an ideal starting point to visit the region.

Two other municipalities overlook the valley and are set on beautiful panoramic terraces, one in front of the other: Torgnon and La Magdeleine. Torgnon has the perfect sun exposure for most of the day, in fact it is also known as the pays du soleil, the village of the sun, and it is the perfect holiday destination for adults and families with children looking for funny activities.

Last but not least, our ‘Alpine Pearl‘, Chamois, the only village in Italy which is not accessible by car but only by cableway. Here you will feel like going back in time. You won’t miss technology and daily grind since you will be able to live the ‘here and now’, and why not… maybe take a walk or ride a bike along the Great Balcony of the Matterhorn that connects Chamois to La Magdeleine!

The valley of the Matterhorn, the place to be for your mountain holidays!