Mont Avic

If you love mountains, nature and silence, the Mont Avic park won’t deceive you…

Meadows and pastures full of various flowers are the setting of the Champorcher valley, an unmissable destination for trekking lovers, who will be able to reach the Dondena mountain hut and both the Miserin refuge and charming lake, or enter the Mont Avic nature park, a protected area which is really interesting from a naturalistic point of view. Here you will find many lakes and ponds (12 in total!) which are among the most photographed in the Aosta Valley.

The hemp manufacturing, handmade thanks to a wooden loom, is a traditional activity done by local women, who created ‘Lou Dzeut’ cooperative society. Their traditions are kept in the tiny Hemp Ecomuseum, which lies close to selling point of the cooperative.

But the Mont Avic park is not limited to Champorcher: you can access it also from Champdepraz, and from here you will go through an even wilder environment, where everything is beauty…and there stands Covarey! Here you can find the Fauna Park Chevrère, a splendid pinewood where you can observe the animals of the wood in their natural habitat: a charming experience both for kids and adults.

At the two entrances of the Park, that is to say both in Champorcher and Champdepraz, you will find the Visitors Centres: they will welcome you with an Info Point to organise your hikes in the best way.

And what about winter? Champorcher becomes an appreciated, family-friendly ski resort, while hikes in Champdepraz turn into nice path for snowshoeing.

Wild valleys, which are very little anthropized, away from beaten tracks, rich in flora and fauna, where family-run farms and farm holiday centres are a proof of an agricultural, breeding and handicraft heritage out of time.

Come and discover the hidden treasures of Mont Avic!